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i’m very melodramatic and my blog sucks and i’m not a good role model

and it has nothing to do with inheritance so it seems a bit redundant to relate it to this blog

i really don’t think you guys would like it

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*dying animal noises*

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group confession

the last confessor would like your opinion:

do you agree that Shruikan should have been on the cover of Inheritance?

or do you think Firnen was the right choice?

My “Inheritance” character. :)

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I would’ve sent it in the normal ask box but my story is too long.  I hope you don’t mind! :)

Okee dokee, let’s see if I can explain my character in short form… mind you, I haven’t written a story for her, it’s all in my head. ;)

She’s a girl named Lisanna and she lived in Carvahall.  Her father was the town drunk, but when he was sober he was an amazing swordifghter/fighter in general.  Lisanna has a photographic memory of sorts (something I wish I had. :P )  so her father taught her when she was very young to fight.  Her father eventually is killed when he was drunk because the town was tired of being afraid of him and rose up against him.  Lisanna’s mother died shortly after that of a fever.  Lisanna was 9 and…. oh dear can’t remember his name, my mind went blank O.o …. Eragon’s uncle took her in.  Eragon was the same age.  She grew up with him and Roran, and basically called herself Eragon and Roran’s sister.  The town didn’t shunned her though because of who her father was.  Okay, along down the line, she goes with Eragon like, everywhere including all his adventures with Saphira and then they meet Murtagh and all that.  She’s only 15 at the time and Murtagh was 18.  She discover’s that she likes him, but convinces herself that it was just a crush.  Later on though, when Murtagh reveals who he is and all she is really hurt because she thought she was getting to know him and then he “betrayed” them and all.  But when Eragon draws his sword Lisanna stops him and then Murtagh gets desperate and shows his scar and stuff and she gets all confused and doesn’t know what to think.  Then later at the Varden when Eragon was sleeping, Lisanna woke because of Saphira’s mumbling/snoring and saw the Murtagh was awake too, so she went to him and they both just sat there until Lisanna tried to get him to open up and when she couldn’t, she told him her story.  Then he looked at her funny, not weird, but a softer-than-normal look and she didn’t know what to think of it.  And Lisanna then decides to trust him and tells him so….. I got that backwards, she tell him she’ll trust him and THEN he looks at her funny and she gets all confused….moving on…

Later Murtagh is arrested and all and Lisanna visits him a lot and he softens a bit and talks to her more than anyone else and he actually looks happy to see her when she comes and stuff.  She still doesn’t know what to think because she’s young and she still thinks it’s just a crush.  Then the battle happens and everything. 

Next book, Murtagh is kidnapped and it’s only then, when she’s lost him, that she realizes that she really does love him.  At the end of the book when he comes back, Lisanna is with Eragon when Murtagh reveals himself and all the old feelings come back, along with sorrow because of who he’s now working for.  Murtagh uses magic and freezes them and they all talk and everything and then before he goes, he just stares at her for a minute.  Eragon is completely confused, but doesn’t think of it again because he just found out that Murtagh is his brother.

I don’t really have anything planned out for the third book, that book is kind of hazy because I read it only once and haven’t looked over it since. :P

"Inheritance" book:  Lisanna is still with Eragon and the Varden and all, and then they get to Dras Leona and Murtagh shows up and she’s sad all over again because he’s there and still evil as ever…maybe even more.  When the dragons fight in the city, it’s Lisanna on Saphira’s back, disguised by the elves to look like Eragon.  She begged Eragon to let her do it.  Eragon has no idea that she’s in love with Murtagh.  Then later, when Murtagh surprise attacks, she sees Murtagh taking Nasuada and decides to take action and slams herself into him.  He lost his grip on Nasuada, and Lisanna actually punches him and then he knocks her out being much stronger.  He then takes her instead.  Lisanna wakes up and is on Thorn and makes a bit of conversation, but is scared and confused, so pretty much is quiet the whole trip.  Then everything pretty much happens like it does with Nasuada except it’s her instead.  Then after she had the "dream" about her and Murtagh being married, he asks her about it because he said that she said his name.  She tells him about it all.  Then they’re quiet and then she starts crying and saying that she misses Eragon and Roran and…her mum…  Murtagh tries to comfort her and then…. THEY KISS!!  O.o  It’s just a little one though, and they just sit there afterwards, confused.  (One thing, Lisanna is nicer then Nasuada was to Murtagh at first because she knew him before Galby took over his mind, and she knows he doesn’t want to torture her.  Still though, at first she had trouble trusting him again)

Then skip ahead and she’s tied to a stone block and Murtagh and Eragon are fighting, and it’s killing her to see them hurt each other because she loves them both in different ways.  Then flash forward and Eragon accidentally casts a spell with his mind and she adds her mind with his and the dragons to help make Galby understand.  Flash forward again and Murtagh is untying her and they’re riding on Thorn together and he’s healing her and then she begs him not to go, but he does and then she goes WITH Eragon after Murtagh and Thorn.  Murtagh doesn’t realize she’s with Eragon until he turns around and sees that she’s with him.  And then all that happens, and Lisanna just watches the two brothers talk.  Then before Murtagh leaves, Lisanna is crying and Murtagh seriously kisses her this time and promises that he’ll come back to her.  Then he leaves with Thorn, and Saphira, Eragon and Lisanna all watch them go.  Eragon wraps his arm around her as she’s crying and watching Murtagh and Thorn disappear over the horizon.  Then after they disappear, she turns and hugs Eragon around his neck, sobbing, (it was an official “YOU’RE STILL ALIVE!!!!” hug and a “Murtagh just left me….” hug all at the same time) and Eragon spins her around.  And I’m not sure what happens at the end with how it all turns out.  I haven’t thought that far…

After the “credits”…. It’s 4 years later, Lisanna went to live with Roran and Katrina and they have a 4 year old girl and a baby boy.  Lisanna is braiding the girl’s hair, when Roran comes out and everything is happy and sunny.  Then Roran says “Lisanna, look!” and he points.  Lisanna turns around and there’s Murtagh standing a little ways off and Lisanna is like “Oh. My. Gosh.” inside her head and he smiles a kind of side-ways happy/sad smile and she does the same in return and then……  That’s where the “movie” ends..  hehe!! :D :D ^_^

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